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Paddy's Lament, Ireland 1846-1847: Prelude to Hatred
Thomas Gallagher
Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One
Jenny K. Blake
When in French: Love in a Second Language
Lauren Collins
Beyond the Job Description: How Managers and Employees Can Navigate the True Demands of the Job
Jesse Sostrin
Vision and Art: The Biology of Seeing
David Hubel, Margaret S. Livingstone
Achieving Your Potential As A Photographer: A Creative Companion and Workbook
Harold Davis
Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age
Sherry Turkle
Picture Perfect Practice: A Self-Training Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Taking World-Class Photographs (Voices That Matter)
Roberto Valenzuela
Man's Search for Meaning
Viktor E. Frankl, Harold S. Kushner
Terms of Service: Social Media and the Price of Constant Connection
Jacob Silverman

The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right

The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right - Atul Gawande The power of checklists. how they are used successfully in aviation and their slow uptake in medicine and many other fields.DO-CONFIRM or READ-DO?Define a clear pause point at which the checklist must be used. Cannot be lengthy -- usually 5-9 items, no more than a page. Free of clutter and unnecessary colors. Ease of reading -- upper and lower case recommended. Wording simple and exact.All kinds of steps that the checklist leaves out intentionally -- the steps that are always executed. The ones that should be included are the ones that are sometimes skipped or missed. "just ticking boxes is not the ultimate goal here. Embracing a culture of teamwork and discipline is." p.160"The crew of US Airways Flight 1549 (that landed in the Hudson after striking geese)showed an ability to adhere to vital procedures when it mattered most, to remain calm under pressure, to recognize where one needed to improvise and one needed not to improvise. They understood how to function in a complex and dire situation. They recognized that it required teamwork and preparation and that it required them long before the situation became complex and dire. . . .This is what it means to be a hero in the modern era." p.182Code of professionalism in learned occupations: selflessness,skill (strive for excellence in knowledge and expertise), trustworthiness. Aviators add discipline, which most others do not. . . .Discipline is hard, discipline is something we have to work at. p.180-181