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Viktor E. Frankl, Harold S. Kushner
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The Great Life Diet: A Practical Guide to Heath, Happiness, and Personal Fulfillment

The Great Life Diet: A Practical Guide to Heath, Happiness, and Personal Fulfillment - Denny Waxman A very good introduction and overview to macrobiotics, with an overall relaxed and laid-back attitude towards it, which I found surprising and welcome. The Kushi Standard Macrobiotic Diet40-60% cereal grains (at every meal. whole or cracked and in simple combinations, unyeasted sourdough breads, whole grain pastas, noodles or dumplings.1-2 bowls of soup, with miso, shoyu (real soy), or sea salt20-30% vegetables, boiled, steamed, sauteed, pressed, pickled, raw. At least one vegetable with every meal.5-10% beans and sea vegetablesOther foods revolving around the main ones, including condiments, seasonings, nuts, seeds, fruits, sweets, desserts, white-meat fish and beverages.The 7 stepsEating habits: format of meals1. Take time for your meals everyday. Sit down. Allow adequate time. Eat slowly and chew well. Stop eating 3 hrs before bedtime. Eat in an orderly manner. Avoid mixing foods in the same mouthful.2. Set your daily schedule.Rise early and go to bed before midnight.Keep your mealtimes regular.Diet: Content and quality of meals3. Eat 2-3 complete and nutritionally balanced meals every day.Plan every meal around cooked grains and grain products.Complete and balance every meal with 1-2 vegetable dishes.Lifestyle: Approach to health4. Make your daily life active.Walk for 30 minutes every day.Give yourself a daily body rub.Life related exercise provides the most benefit for lasting health.Cultivate and take time for hobbies.5. Create a more natural environment.Surround yourself with green plants, esp in the bedroom, kitchen, bathrooms, and office or workspace.Wear pure cotton clothing next to your skin.Use natural materials such as wood, cotton, silk and wool in your home.6. Make your macrobiotic practice work.Keeping to the format of meals improves your ability to make healthier food choices.Keep a daily record of your meals to help you become more objective about your practice.7. Cultivate the spirit of health.Be open, curious, and endlessly appreciative of all of life.Be flexible and adaptable in your practice.Develop a strong will and the determination to create your own health.Be accurate in your practice.Create a good support network.Learn to cook well. More detail is given for the steps. Food lists and a few recipes are included. Lots of inspirational quotes -- many from Ben Franklin, which actually seem to work well with the macrobiotic lifestyle.Seems common sense and maybe do-able, but still a major adjustment. However, it emphasizes flexibility and encourages me to try it in a way that works for me.It has helped me with slowing down the meals somewhat, by putting down the fork most of the time and trying to chew more. I'm finding it difficult to stop multi-tasking while eating though.Waxman lives in MA, so if I ever get serious, it might be worthwhile to do a consultation with him.